Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Miracles of Mary, Mother of Jesus - Jamaica

It has been a very long time that I have not written anything.  My demanding and hectic schedule has kept me away, but here I am again, so grateful and I’m very happy to be able to share with you, one of many miracles that have occurred just recently.

For me, being in constant communication with God has brought me tremendous peace and goodwill, not that I don’t have challenges, but these challenges become smoother and easier to get through.

Jamaica is paradise, beautiful topography, awesome sights and awesome, warm hearted people. Whenever I get a break from my hectic schedule I go exploring, nature is a great booster and so very relaxing.

It was Saturday, and we decided to go on a road trip to Montego Bay.

Montego Bay is our second city, a tourist mecca, charming, vibrant and fun! It’s a city for anything you want it to be – romance, love, weddings, shopping, wine drinking, exploration, beach bumming, great food from the many local and overseas restaurants, and just overall good fun.

We had great fun, and actually left Mobay a little later than we had hoped to, because we were all having such a good time! It was three hours’ drive back home, so we had to leave.

My brother kinda drove a bit hard and fast (within legality of course), as he needed to get in at a decent hour.

When we reached on the highway, near the vicinity of the toll booth (which is automated), the vehicle suddenly lost power, and I heard my brother exclaim, “What is happening here?”

It was dark, but we were thankful that this happened near the toll booth, as we were able to get some light there.

The problem with the vehicle deemed impossible to fix, “we will have to call a wrecker,” my brother exclaimed! At that point we realized our phones were dead, no charge. One person’s phone had 20% charge, this has never happened to us before, alas, no charged phones to call for help.

I felt fear, too many things were wrong. I was praying from the vehicle lost power, I began to pray harder, more fervently, that’s when I sensed a calm, gentle, loving presence.

It was Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

“Expect a Miracle,” she said. 

It came so gently to my soul. I acknowledged Her, and said, “Thank you Dear Mary Mother of Jesus.”

I kept on praying.

Still nothing seemed to be happening, here we were, much later than we expected to be, it’s way late, past midnight and we’re stranded. The highway was lonely except for a few passing vehicles in the opposite direction. We were in serious trouble.

I prayed harder.

My frustrated brother called out, “We have to call a wrecker.” The one remaining phone will soon die. We can’t call for help, and even if we could, they were far away.

I prayed harder.

And then suddenly, as we were about to call the wrecker the roadside assistance team appeared. We breathed a sigh of relief, help had arrived.

God and Mary heard me. They heard my prayers. But still, I continued praying.

The assistance team was befuddled. “This is a big problem,” they said, “We don’t have the proper tools for this.”

Parts were needed to fix the problem.

We can’t purchase parts here, on the highway, after midnight, impossible.

I prayed for a solution. “God I need you. I need your help. Please send a team of Angels to help us.”

Remember Oh most Gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy aid or sought thy intercession was left unaided, inspired by this confidence I fly unto thee, Oh Virgin of Virgins, My Mother, to Thee I come before Thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful, Oh Mary, Mother of the word incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy, hear and answer me. Amen.

I repeated this prayer several times.

A little while after, as I grew weary, and it appeared that nothing was working, I felt a sudden chill.
As I hugged myself, something caught my eye, I looked in the direction it came from, and then I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I stared, tried to process what I was seeing, blinked my eyes several times, and then looked again.

A fog had appeared, out of nowhere, there was an apparition of The Virgin Mary! There She was! I was the only one facing Her; She stood regal, and so very peaceful, over all the men working on the engine, their backs to Her, unaware of a miracle taking place. My eyes were affixed to Her. She was by a tree, on this mountain top with us.

I thanked Her as I looked upon Her with awe, with tears streaming down my face. I could hardly believe that I was so Blessed to be seeing Her. Me.

Then Her Apparition slowly drifted away.

And as The Virgin Mary went away, a Miraculous solution was found.

The vehicle started and soon we were on our way. My brother had to drive at 20mph. We were climbing the steep mountain, at one point he thought the vehicle would shut off. It didn’t.

Then suddenly; it swerved with us, towards the cliff! I screamed! My brothers gasped. I saw my brother’s grip on the steering wheel, as if he used his bodily strength to maneuver the van. I held on tight to the apparition of The Virgin Mary, as the steering had no power.

I was encouraged, I was faithful, I was still praying.

My brother was able to steer it away from the cliff edge. And we continued stealthily up the mountain, soon we knew we would get to the mountain slope. It should be easier then.

It was.

We arrived safely home.

When the mechanics checked his vehicle the following day, they were aghast.

“How did you do it?” they asked. “This van wasn’t supposed to be able to drive at all.”
They expressed, “This is a Miracle!”

My brother smiled and reiterated with a twinkle in his eyes, “Yes, it is indeed a Miracle.”

Love and Blessings,

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Five W's of Life. Who, What, When, Where, Why?

The Five W's of Life

Who you are is what makes you special. Do not change for anyone.

What lies ahead will always be a mystery. Do not be afraid to explore.

When life pushes you over, you push back harder.

Where there are choices to make, make the one you won't regret.

Why things happen will never be certain. Take it in stride and move forward.


Friday, October 16, 2015

Power Thought of the Day

"Do you think its possible that some people are born to give more love than they will ever get back in return?"

~Tyler Knott Gregson

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Power Thought of the Day

Without exception, begin every day of your life with gratitude.

As you look in the mirror, say, "Thank you God, for life, for 

my body, for my family and loved ones, for this day, and for

the opportunity to be of service. Thank you, thank you, thank 


~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How I Became The Bomb - Ulay, Oh | Music Video

Beautiful love! Reminds me of someone very special...a long time ago...

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's this is for YOU! God Miracles are Endless!

This post was originally published on May 19, 2009. I am re-publishing again for all mothers - whom may have given up hope; who are on the edge of despair; know that the Lord is with you! Call upon him with all your strength and grit; and He will answer! Believe me!

I am very inspired to share one of many of God's Special Miracles with you, which happened a few years ago. This proves how Awesome God is. I certainly know and understand the challenges mothers face raising children on their own, especially boys as I was divorced when my children were still quite young; So I bore all the responsibility of raising them. I had to be mother and father, I was never overwhelmed though, as I always placed my trust and faith in God and instilled this in my children, but on this particular day I felt despair.

We always spent quality time together, and after work each day I made it a priority to share special time outside of homework for us to share the days activities and have our discussions which we truly enjoyed and looked forward to.

We were facing some challenges at the time and my older son was very frustrated, I could not arrive at a solution to what was bothering him, however, I had faith in God to help me through this. So I said, "Pray son, just pray, we will pray together-have faith." He lashed out at me saying, "Mommy, I pray, I pray always, but it does not work, God does not answer me. Prayer does not work!" I was appalled, Oh! No, I thought, what do I do? I tried to calm him down, but he was so upset. I went into my bedroom and slumped unto the bed, thinking no! I'm not giving up, I can't give up. I must be able to teach my children to have faith, there has to be a way! Suddenly the words came out of my mouth to God, I called out to Him, saying, "God! You have got to help me here, I can't do this on my own, I need You. Please hear me, please, please teach me how to teach my children to have faith in You. Please, show me."

I wasn't sure that God heard me, I felt so alone. But, He did, because as I sat there on my bed, I felt inclined to call them both into my bedroom to read a Psalm to them. My son was angry, but he was obedient. As we all sat on the bed together, I read Psalm 31. I read this Psalm from my heart, whatever difficulty I faced, this Psalm always guided me through. I was deeply moved, and feeling I had to hold on, I had to believe God would help me. They were, I noticed unusually quiet while I read, of course again I thought Oh No! They must be bored! So I tried to read more passionately. But that was not it, God was working!

Almost at the end of reading I became aware that it was raining, however, I continued until I reached the last word. I then looked at them and they were staring at me in awe! I wasn't sure, so I said, "I know it is not so easy to understand, to have faith, but believe me sons, God is with us." It was now my turn to look at them in awe! As they both answered, "I know mom." What a change! Now there were tears in my eyes as they said, "Mom as you began to read the Psalm the rain started and continued until you read the last word, it stopped as you read the last word mommy!" Then I noticed they were huddled together.

My older son was no longer angry, I saw the awe in their eyes. I could not help asking, "Are you sure?" They both nodded simultaneously, "Yes mommy, the rain stopped on the last word you read!" Then I thought where did the rain come from? There was no hint of rain earlier, no forecast of any showers. Of course not!! The answer in that was my children felt the answer, they knew God had spoken, and I knew God had heard me! He did show me! God answered me! He spoke to their hearts! I was so grateful to God.

From that day on, they understood the Power of God, what it meant to have faith, to persevere. They still remember this today.

There are tears of gratitude as I write this, it is true! I was just an ordinary mom, faced with challenges I didn't understand. What I did understand was to trust God. To Him be all the Glory. Thank you God.

The lesson is we must NEVER GIVE UP! God's mercy is endless!

With God's Love,

Friday, April 24, 2015


“There are a few moments when, without being aware, you are in a let-go. For example, when you are really laughing - a belly laughter, not just from the head, but from your belly - you are relaxed without your knowing, you are in a let-go. That’s why laughter is so health-giving. There is no other medicine that can help you more in attaining well being. Next time you laugh, be alert about how relaxed you are.”
Peace and Love